About Ty fy Records

Founded in 2020, Ty Fy Records an up-and-coming record label located in Orlando Florida. Created to help showcase the enormous amount of talent in the central Florida area. Ty Fy Records’ approach is different, talent focused, and artist friendly. Ty Fy Records is not the typical record company, we are collaborators and musicians ourselves searching for the perfect artists to create music with. Ty Fy Records is creating a talent pool that we can show to the world, we do so by finding elite artists that are hungry, focused, and ready to shine. Growing out of the achievements of Ty Fy Studios, Ty Fy Records is poised to help our roster shine. With well over 20 years in the music business we have the experience and expertise to set our artists on the road to success.
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© 2024 Ty Fy Records
All Rights Reserved